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Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA)

Have life questions?  Feel like you're seeking more out of life?  Or maybe you know someone who is already Catholic, but hasn't received Confirmation & Communion yet?  OCIA might just be for you!  


Come journey with us on an exploration of Catholic spirituality - whether you were born into the Catholic Faith and are thinking about coming into the fullness of the church, a parent looking for a spiritual home for your family, a married person who wants to learn more about their spouse’s faith or maybe you're considering whether you might be called to Catholicism yourself.

Join us on this adventure as we question, explore, seek, rediscover, and share our life's questions and find the answers.

The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults is a place to ask questions and seek understanding. Weekly no-cost., “no obligation” exploration sessions start every September at St. Andrew.


Contact Deacon Dan at (563) 320-2462 / 

or Darin Wernke at (563) 424-8379 / for more information!

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