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Faith Resources 


No maps. No GPS. Few street signs. It's easy to get lost! Raising our kids to follow Jesus is a lot like trying to navigate in an under-developed country — there is no parenting map, no spiritual GPS. We head in the direction that seems best, trying to find our way by trial and error.  But we don’t need to feel lost. As we journey through each stage of our children’s development, we can point them toward spiritual markers that will help them find true faith — becoming vibrant followers of Christ.



Learn About the Saints!  These two sites have great content for children and adults both:

"Saints Alive" click here - Saints Alive (

"The Saints - The Merry Beggars" click here -The Saints · The Merry Beggars 

For Young Kids:  An animated series of videos to show kids how to live in faith, how to make good decisions, telling about Jesus and also instructing them on the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Blessed | Dynamic Plus (

(The Decision Point Confirmation Program has great video discussion for kids preparing for Confirmation and all teens.)

Passing Your Faith to Your Kids.  A great children's book by Ascension Press to help them follow the Mass

Catholic Kids Media on YouTube: Animated short videos explaining various Catholic topics.


Kids age 6-12  Bible stories: Bible Breaks: Short and Simple Bible Stories for Kids | Jared Dees   

Catholic Kids Media - YouTube

Animated stories of saints, miracles of Mary and Bible stories:   YouTube Christiankidstv - YouTube

Search YouTube for “Christiankids”, Subscribe to Christiankidstv channel on YouTube to avoid getting sidetracked to other material. Christian Kids TV are creating Animated Videos at

Animated short videos explaining the Sunday readings, daily video, Kids bulletin, recorded messages for kids.

For teens and kids:  Animated videos to discuss how to live in faith, how to be the best version of yourself, how to make good decisions, and be prepared for Confirmation and live your faith.

Decision Point Confirmation Program | Dynamic Catholic

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