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Parish Organizations

Mary's Angels

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The three main goals of the organization are to (1) help the women of the parish become better acquainted; (2) grow spiritually; and (3) be more aware of the happenings of the parish and the church as a whole.  All of the women of the parish are members of the organization.  Mary's Angels has fund raising activities each year with the proceeds used for the needs of the church and community and donations to various charities.  Mary's Angels serves luncheons for funerals when requested by the family. The group meets once a month in the parish center. 

For more information, contact: Deb Ehrecke, 563-340-3902,

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Knights of Columbus

The St. Andrew Knights of Columbus Council #13108 is a parish men's organization committed to UNITY as a Catholic lay organization, CHARITY to those in need, and FRATERNITY with fellow brother Knights.  The mission of the Knights is to be of support to the needs of the parish. The Knights offer activities that are community, parish and family related.  They meet each month in the Parish Center.


For more information, contact: Chris Rubley, 563-594-9851,

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